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We all strive to experience the comfort of when we are being embraced physically and emotionally; when we are being heard, understood, and supported by another human being. While most people seek this out though other humans, architecture can also provide this awareness and connection. As I walk home from the Opal Center, I am reminded that it is the middle of July as the sun is beating down on my body. I pass by buildings made of concrete, travertine and clay. As I turn the corner, I am greeted by a welcoming oasis that I get to call home. I carry my bags through the front entrance and find immediate refuge from the heat. The coolness of the lobby contrasts with my experience walking home, creating a delightful sensation that makes me appreciative of this building and thermal machine. As dinner approaches, I walk down the pathway from my home to the community space to gather my children. The last of the sun rays reach our dinning table as the sun sets during another day. I am appreciative of this human connection. Architecture has the power and ability to enhance human connection through many different programs, forms and tectonics. 

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