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Some of our project goals include wayfinding that calls attention to the architecture and thermal experience, therefore enhancing human connection to the building. Our second goal is to provide community spaces that enhance residence’s connection to each other. Our third goal is to work with the existing landscape to enhance the residence’s and public’s connection to the site. Our fourth goal is to increase thermal delight and create unique thermal experiences, enhancing human connection to the local climate. Our fifth goal is to provide a building with locally influenced design ideas to enhance human connection to the local culture. Lastly, we want to provide more green space to increase human connection to nature.

Climate Analysis
Monthly Diurnal Average.jpg
Humidity and Dry Bulb.jpg
Wind Rose.jpg
Form Finding
Plan Finding.jpg
Radiation Analysis
July Radiation.jpg
July Radiation 2.jpg
Site Plan
Site Plan.jpg
Floor Plans
Floor Plans.jpg
Cooling Tower Technology
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